Potentially for sale

Type Domain Price Comments
Place angeiras.com $5k famous seafood place near porto, portugal.
Place nevogilde.com $3k neighborhood in porto, portugal.
Place praiadamariana.com $3k beach in the north of portugal.
Place praiadocarvalhal.com $3k beach in the south of portugal.
Place vilapraiadeancora.com $5k town in the north of portugal.
Tech codedown.org $2k code + markdown.
Other estudasses.com $1k fun reference.
Other escamado.com $500 fish term in portuguese.
Other foodtypes.org $2k -
Other forrobodo.com $5k loud, messy party. disorderly.
Other patife.com $25k rascal in Portuguese. also have the twitter handle @patife.
Other polex.org $2k politics + exchange.

Not for sale

Domain Price Comments
aterradonunca.com - not for sale.
aterradonunca.org - not for sale.
cacostore.com - not for sale.
demonstrations.org - on indefinite loan to a not-for-profit.
portotipo.com - not for sale. play on the words prototype + porto (city).
portotype.com - not for sale. play on the words prototype + porto (city).

Hall of Fame (Sold)

Type Domain Price Comments
Tech puter.com $25k nickname for the computer.

Email humberto at hey dot com for more details.