Marketing messages

It’s easy to write a slogan, but its hard to write a great one.

To aid me in the initial exploration, I first decide what I want to communicate:

And also, the urgency that I want to imprint:

If we put that in a matrix, we get the following options.

Area Aspirin Vitamin Neutral
Product Product solves Situation. Product improves Situation. How the Product Works.
Use Case Use Case is solved. Use Case is improved. Use Case description.
Brand Aspirational Life post Situation. Aspirational life with improved Situation. Aspirational life.

An Example. Let’s say I’m building a website with a system that helps companies find the best recruitment candidates. Here are the different ways I could talk about it.

Area Aspirin Vitamin Neutral
Product The Linkedin bot that mines the best leads. A Linkedin bot that gets hiring leads that churn less. A bot that mines Linkedin for leads that match your colleagues.
Use Case The best hiring leads from Linkedin. Hiring leads that churn less. Leads that match your colleagues.
Brand Solving talent. The better HR fit. A company worth working for.