What is an API?

An API is a way for computer programs to receive and answer requests from other computer programs.

API means Application Programming Interface.

Let’s say you call a restaurant to order a pizza. The service that consists of “a number” where you “place your order” and that results in a “confirmation” is your pizza “API”. Because its a human conversation, the request will be slighyly different for every person who calls, but it will always have to involve the same convention: the pizzeria staff needs to know your name, address, pizza preference, and with that they’ll be able to tell you an estimated delivery time.

After selling 10’000 pizzas, the pizzeria gets tired of phone calls. They tell you to just visit https://www.thepizzeria.com/your-name/your-full-address/the-pizza-you-want-and-quantity/ and that’s it. They will extract your details from that website link you entered in your browser and show you on the page whether they can deliver it or not. What they created is an API!

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