Ephemeral vs. persistent products

We can draw a line that goes from Ephemeral to Persistent, and in this line we can place the internet services according to what they give users.

Most online businesses lie near the most natural fit of the product, and stay there. Regrettably, most products that achieved scale are Ephemeral by nature, like communications. So we are stuck with a toilet paper internet.

My theory is that platforms should and will bet on the Persistent and the interplay between it and the Ephemeral. An over abundance of news just confuses people, we need some to sediment knowledge from this big flow of information. At the same time, knowledge can be enriched with the data and commentary that improves it. Better yet, knowledge can be created from lots of ephemeral data.

I want to see a dashboard of interesting data from my connections on twitter, gmail, facebook. I want to have a better visualisation of edits and talk on wikipedia pages! And more.